Providing quality care for you during your hospital stay.

A hospitalist is a doctor who specializes in caring for patients in the hospital. Our hospitalists will manage your care during your hospitalization including coordinating and consulting with specialists, monitoring your progress and staying in close contact with you, your family, and your primary care provider. Having our hospitalists care for you during your stay can result in a more timely and efficient hospital experience. When you leave the hospital, your primary care provider will resume responsibility for your care.

How does the Hospitalist Program work?

When you are admitted to the hospital, the hospitalist will notify your primary care provider of your admission and request any information they feel would be helpful in caring for you. Our hospitalists know every specialist and department in the hospital to ensure a timely turnaround of tests and treatments.

Our hospitalists will continue to consult your primary care provider as needed throughout your stay and upon your disharge to ensure a smooth transition back to your primary care provider.

What are the advantages to having a Hospitalist?

  • Hospitalists are in the hospital all day.

Our hospitalists work exclusively in the hospital, rather than dividing time between a practice office and the hospital, so you can be seen more than once a day, if needed. Your test results can be monitored closely and your treatment adjusted throughout the day as necessary.

  • Hospitalists answer your family's questions.

Our hospitalists are here to provide answers in person whenever possible. During critical and stressful moments, your questions and your family's questions can be answered in a timely and considerate manner.

  • Hospitalists allow your primary care provider to have more office time for you.

Because our hospitalists are in the hospital all day, your primary care provider can be with you in the office with fewer delays and disruptions. Your primary care provider will be able to devote more time to keeping you and your family healthy. At the same time, our hospitalists are more available to care for you during your hospitalization.